Utilising unique analysis techniques that Athin Cassiotis has adopted and refined through a 14 year span, and with a strong focus on attention to detail, Athin Cassiotis provides Waste Management Consulting to Australia’s biggest brands.

Athin Cassiotis is solution-focused and excels with his unique approach in strategizing the ultimate financial, environmental and safety outcomes.

Athin Cassiotis was featured in the Wesfarmers 2019 Annual Report for the Kmart and Target Waste Diversion Program.

Tender Management

Waste Management Consulting administers a variety of services to manage your complete tender process and will adapt to your specific requirements. We consider the various complexities for all waste management services and will ensure that your tender encapsulates the entire information required for the optimal result.

These services include:

• With input from your main stakeholders we determine all important aspects required to create your tender document and pricing spreadsheet
• Handle site inspections or audits at the fundamental client sites
• Deliver tender documents and pricing spreadsheets to the market
• Assistance with the presentation plus attendance if required
• Once all proposals are received a detailed analysis will be undertaken with the output being a standardised summary of all submissions
• To fast track the final decision our recommendations will be communicated in a final report outlining the key elements including financial, environmental and safety results
• Contract implementation
• Following contract implementation, we have a Contract Management service for continuous assistance throughout the contract
• General tender advice

Reporting Management

Waste Management Consulting has a strong focus on accurate reporting management that can be tailored to suit your individual requirements. We develop solutions for all stages of your internal and external reporting process from initially obtaining the raw data out of your waste management system to analysing reporting data obtained from waste management providers to ongoing support with increased efficiency.

Our monthly waste and recycling reports contain costs, volumes, diversion statistics and greenhouse gas emission savings. Further analysis can also be developed into your reporting including analysis of performance against contract KPIs. Our high attention to detail ensures that any data errors will be captured, analysed and corrected before the final report is produced. Following the report creation, we can provide detailed recommendations on how your waste and recycling management can be improved.

Benchmarking is also an important aspect of reporting management to determine how various areas of your business are performing. This can provide you with a greater understanding of the areas which require further improvement and in turn assist with your long term sustainability goals.


Business Analysis:
Waste Management Consulting has extensive experience with a variety of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems including SAP. We also obtain a variety of analysis techniques which includes a strong focus on attention to detail as well as a passion for innovation. We combine these skills to showcase our unique approach in determining the most efficient processes in all aspects of your business. We can provide business cases, strategic plans and functional specifications to seamlessly integrate our innovative solutions.

Price Analysis:
Waste Management Consulting feels it is necessary that every business is paying the right price for all of their waste and recycling services. We can provide periodic or adhoc invoice reviews to determine if all services are being charged at market rates. Our feedback will highlight where your prices should be for optimal cost savings.

Waste Auditing

Waste Management Consulting realises the great importance in knowing every detail of your waste and recycling services for all industries. To establish baseline or benchmark data we would collate the volumes for all service types and waste types. These are key elements in effectively analysing and proposing solutions to increase recycling volume and in turn decrease waste volume.

The majority of waste that businesses place into their general waste bins is recyclable with a waste audit being the optimal avenue to understand each business’ unique waste composition. An increase in waste being diverted from landfill has a flow on effect to cost savings as various recycling materials are cheaper to dispose when reviewed against the cost of disposing general waste.

Contract Management

Waste Management Consulting can manage your waste and recycling contract at implementation or at any period in time. We will ensure that all aspects of the contract are fair for the client and the waste management provider, which in turn will allow for all requirements to be delivered at the right price throughout. The various areas of our contract management include:

• Overall contract performance
• All KPI’s including financial, recycling and service
• Annual rate reviews
• Cost benefit analysis
• Waste Management Plan development and implementation
• Industry innovations