I was working in the waste management industry doing various roles over 10 years within the Business Development, Sales and Marketing departments with diversification in many other departments including IT, Finance and Reporting.

This provided me with satisfaction, comfort and content, and I was seen as somewhat successful in people’s eyes.

It was a difficult road to get there as I didn’t finish school and tried to do a university bridging course but didn’t pass. So, without any other option, I got a job. After many years, I realised I felt unfulfilled and wanted a change…

I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia and started my entrepreneurial journey in high school by selling VCD movies to my friends. I found it hard to study every week, like normal students, so I fell behind in my classes. My teachers told me that I would never be able to study and would find it difficult to work and be successful.

I moved from Adelaide to Sydney in 2011 through a work opportunity and thought this would be the change that I needed. It was a big decision to move away from my family and friends, however the opportunity of change seemed the best option. Many people, and my parents, doubted I would last in Sydney. My dad said, “you will be back within 6 months”. I stacked this on top of the doubt from my teachers, and this gave me the fire to prove them all wrong. I did not expect the much faster Sydney pace and had to adapt fast to survive.

I felt that there must be more to life where I could live with purpose to enjoy every day. After working for 9 years and now living in this new city, I knew I needed to learn more about business, so I applied and was accepted into university for a Master of Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, based on my experience. I completed most of the core subjects while working, which gave me the confidence that I could start my own business.

After a management change and being highly stressed for my final 12 months working for a large corporation, I chose to walk away from the stability of full-time employment and start my own consulting business in 2017.

Three months after starting my consulting business I was running out of money, fast. I am a spiritual person and felt a moment of divine intervention where I was provided with an opportunity to grow. I knew that I needed to take this opportunity to be successful. Seemingly with divine timing, a friend offered me a last minute free ticket to a 3 day business bootcamp.

This is when my life changed exponentially.

We started with 18 straight hours on mindset, where I flipped limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, and the other 2 days covered all areas of business, especially sales. I obtained the clarity and skills I needed to move forward.

Using the mindset shifts and sales strategies I learnt, I had my first big breakthrough, where I obtained Scentre Group (Westfield) as a client. I managed their national waste management tender process, which is worth approximately $25 million per year. Following that, I had my second big breakthrough;- I obtained Kmart and Target as a client for a variety of my services.

I realised that I needed to continue my personal development journey, and became extremely driven to constantly learn, level up and create the success I desired in my life. I started reading many books, listening to audiobooks and sought out the best global coaches and mentors to learn from, including JT Foxx and Tony Robbins, along with other coaches and mentors.

After being coached and mentored and seeing the exponential results, I made the decision to become a business coach, mentor and speaker, so that I could help people create their own purposeful and successful life on their terms.

My results show that anyone with the right attitude for growth and with personal development on their mindset and all areas of business, especially sales, can achieve success. This has enabled me to make multiple 6 figures.

I share this story to show you that anything is possible.

Most people stay inside of their comfort zones and don’t have the courage to make a big change in their life. They are scared they will fail or about what other people will say. Once you take the first step outside of your comfort zone and start your own path you have an amazing feeling of fulfillment which drives constant growth.

Starting a business is not easy, however with the right guidance and tools it can be successful. You need to put in more hours in the first few years, with the end goal being to work much less once the business has scaled.

I started from not finishing school or going to university initially, and simply getting experience through a job. I had none of these skills until I took – and created – an opportunity and continued to learn from that point onwards. I am grateful to share my story with you and aim for it to inspire you to achieve the success and fulfillment you desire.

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