Shavawn Everitt

“We quadrupled my income in less than a year!”

Adam Diamanti

“I have had more bookings and more clients than in the last 10 years!”

“I had conversion rates of over 80%!”

Mona Tenjo

CEO/Founder of Work on Your Business

“Athin has helped me to really streamline a lot of the systems and processes, and be more confident to implement them!”

Goodness Emerokwam

Managing Director of Marvel Care Services 

“My mindset is the most important thing. That session was worth the coaching for the year!”

Nick Calleja

CEO/Founder of Mainline Plumbing

“Athin is very present and aware of the steps that need to be taken next to move your goals forward step by step!”

Sharesz T. Wilkinson

Forbes & Harvard Business Review Advisory Councils, Best Selling Author, Speaker 

“Athin was the business partner I needed, to make up for some of my weaknesses, around the number and the business model!”

Jasper Vallance

Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Founder of Xstatic Events

“Athin is very present and aware of the steps that need to be taken next to move your goals forward step by step!”

Brianna Sorgiovanni 

Mindset Coach

“I did an exercise and actually got a client during the bootcamp!”

Darwin Li

Founder & Wealth Coach at Investor Millionaire

“I put in place the next 6 months, then 1 year and 5 year strategies to better grow and develop my business!”

Adam Barlow

Founder of Purpose Design Lab

Following Athin’s waste audit, contract review and waste diversion program design work for Kmart and Target in Australia and New Zealand over the last 18 months, so I am qualified to endorse and recommend his services and expertise. Athin’s passion, expertise, delivery and value for money are why Waste Management Consulting Pty Ltd was recently awarded a three-year contract! I look forward to working with you to help Kmart and Target further improve our waste diversion, supplier management and cost control across our store and distribution centre networks. Keep up the good work!

Chris Foley

Head of Energy & Environment, Kmart Group (Kmart AU/NZ & Target AU)

Earlier this year, I found myself in a transition phase of my career - when I had to identify and pursue new job opportunities. Not always an easy time, especially when your mindset is a critical success factor. With extra time on my hands, in between professional development, applications and interviews - I decided to develop a business idea into a business plan. Athin helped me identify the reason why I wanted to create my own business. This proved extremely helpful in maintaining my motivation through the process. When we got into the detail of the plan, he helped me connect the dots between my already acquired business knowledge and acumen and business development.

Now, I have a business plan ready to form the basis of conversations with targeted partners and clients. I know what my business’ value proposition is and my business’ key differentiation criteria. Thanks Athin, for your support on this journey!

Benjamine Duncan

Consultant, Connex-Us Advisory

Working with Athin has been a really good experience. He has helped kick-start my business, providing support, guidance and useful insight throughout my journey in starting my business.

Athin encouraged and helped me perform all the necessary things I needed to do to ensure my business started off on the right foot. Working with him meant that someone could hold me accountable for work I needed to do to start my business and feel as though this opportunity pushed me to work more and get myself in a much better position from which I was previously in.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I had been given to work with Athin and now feel more confident and prepared to run my business.

Ayanna Marshall

Manager and Designer, Press On Nails

Athin is one of the finest strategic thinkers I have come across. His ability to anticipate a future problem & then formulate an effective strategy of how to best approach that problem, is absolutely phenomenal. A highly methodical thinker and an exceptional human-being. Athin will continue to succeed in everything he decides to do throughout his lifetime.

Dane Cox

Sales Representative, InfoTrack

Athin is an experienced senior Consultant, who adds value to the waste and recycling contract renewal processes in particular, as his strongest skill is operational understanding of the industry and in depth analysis of financial value drivers. Athin has contributed his experience and knowledge to procurement projects I have led in the past, and was able to apply his subject matter expertise to assist realise material cost savings against budgets. I highly recommend Athin for future Consultancy engagements.

Benjamine Duncan

Sustainability & Environment Manager, Scentre Group (Westfield)

Athin comes with a wealth of industry knowledge and years of experience within Key Management Strengths for Corporate, Enterprise and SMB market sectors. I highly recommend his consultancy services.

Samuel NG

Strategic Business Development Manager, ORCA Enviro Systems

Athin Cassiotis is a smart, savvy and committed Consultant who knows his industry inside out with a passion for client outcomes. I love his work and he rocks on many levels!

Edward Zia

Marketing Mentor & Coach, Excellence Above Coaching