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Athin will help you to uncover what’s holding you back and empower you to achieve your greatness.

Don’t waste years in your business which could set you up for failure.

The best athletes and olympians in the world have coaches to ensure they perform at their best and achieve the most success. This is the same in business, where the most successful people in the world have coaches and mentors to guide and advise them on their growth and success.

Athin can help you refine your idea and implement strategies, tactics and tools to execute them successfully.

Athin will help to build your brand, get leads through various channels, close more sales, measure and manage your numbers and foster leadership to grow a high performing team.

The biggest thing that holds business owners back is their mindset.
Even with the best strategies our mindset can be the bottleneck for our success. Athin will help you to uncover what’s holding you back and empower you to achieve your greatness.

Athin runs multiple successful businesses and is coached by some of the best coaches in the world including JT Foxx – the world’s #1 wealth and business coach.

Even though Athin didn’t finish school, he has completed a Master in Business Administration (MBA), majoring in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. Athin combines his actual business experience with the best business degree knowledge and the practical coaching and mentoring from the world’s best, to deliver the ultimate coaching and mentoring programs.

Earlier this year, I found myself in a transition phase of my career – when I had to identify and pursue new job opportunities. Not always an easy time, especially when your mindset is a critical success factor. With extra time on my hands, in between professional development, applications and interviews – I decided to develop a business idea into a business plan. Athin helped me identify the reason why I wanted to create my own business. This proved extremely helpful in maintaining my motivation through the process. When we got into the detail of the plan, he helped me connect the dots between my already acquired business knowledge and acumen and business development.

Now, I have a business plan ready to form the basis of conversations with targeted partners and clients. I know what my business’ value proposition is and my business’ key differentiation criteria. Thanks Athin, for your support on this journey!

Benjamine Duncan

Consultant, Connex-Us Advisory

Working with Athin has been a really good experience. He has helped kick-start my business, providing support, guidance and useful insight throughout my journey in starting my business.

Athin encouraged and helped me perform all the necessary things I needed to do to ensure my business started off on the right foot. Working with him meant that someone could hold me accountable for work I needed to do to start my business and feel as though this opportunity pushed me to work more and get myself in a much better position from which I was previously in.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity that I had been given to work with Athin and now feel more confident and prepared to run my business.

Ayanna Marshall

Manager and Designer, Press On Nails

Other coaches only have a coaching business to sell programs. They have not actually built a proper business themselves, have no MBA, have a lack of experience and simply regurgitate their learnings from other coaches without having the results themselves.

Athin is different because he uses current, relevant strategies, currently operates multiple businesses, is coached and mentored by the best and utilises strategies, tactics and tools that work in the current market.

Athin Cassiotis always delivers. You can trust that he will do whatever it takes to ensure you succeed.

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Hear what JT Foxx - the World’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach, Serial Entrepreneur, Global Speaker, Private Equity Investor in Properties and Companies, and Best-Selling Author - says about Athin Cassiotis

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Become a Certified Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of successful behaviour. It teaches certain processes to replicate that behaviour in your own life. It can empower your subconscious mind to help you move closer to achieving personal and professional goals.

Matrix Therapies are processes to clear negative emotions and limiting beliefs. Both can assist you to make profound and lasting change and allow you to fulfill your true potential and help others achieve their true potential. It can give you the skills you need to unlearn negative habits and tackle issues that are preventing you from moving forward.

NLP and Matrix Therapies are designed to help you:

  • Increase your emotional intelligence and be more connected with others 
  • Communicate effectively to instantly improve both professional and personal relationships
  • Make change in your life rapidly
  • Clear negative beliefs and emotions
  • Achieve your goals in less time and see your life and business transform
  • Fulfill your potential by having more confidence, more self-belief and more clarity on your abilities.
  • Learn how to help yourself, your family, and others overcome their challenges, build independence, and enjoy life to the fullest.


Trainings in these therapies and NLP courses are in person in Sydney and virtual for everyone else globally, for those looking to master these methods in their personal and professional life. Learning more about these tools allow you to know yourself on a deeper level, communicate better and help yourself and others to embody the habits of success.


Practitioner Training is held throughout the year online and face-to-face in Sydney over 7 days. Master Practitioner Training is held face-to-face in Sydney over 9 days (pre-requisite is Practitioner Training).

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